If reports are to be believed, Carbon levels have risen at an inclining rate and have caused an effect called the greenhouse effect where the heat is trapped in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. Having pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the past 150 years, we humans have raised the levels of carbon to a level where it’s effects cannot be reversed. With a surge in carbon dioxide levels due to human activity since the Industrial Revolution, an overall heat build-up has caused the environment to degrade.

Navrattan Group of Companies under the guidance of Himansh Verma has launched its home project “Navrattan TCG – Thermo Chemical Gasification” which designs, builds, sells, owns, and operates gasification plants capable of converting any feed stock having carbon content like biomass, coal, petroleum coke, or municipal solid waste into Syngas (Synthesis Gas). The Synthetic Gas produced primarily constitutes hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO) and since it’s produced by gasification, it is clean and dry. The Syngas works as a flexible fuel which can be used to generate heat and electricity by burning. Passed through several different catalyst for the production of various fluids such as  alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean burning diesel is another of the uses that Syngas can be put to. The hydrogen gas produced can also be used for multiple applications.

The merits of using the Thermo Chemical Gasification are- it’s highly efficient for 70%-74% Btu conversion to Syngas and Low capital cost with less than ½ the cost of conventional designs. The Low emissions operations has created cleaner than conventional combustion and also helped in producing cleanest Syngas at commercial scale. Built in redundancy, it has low operating cost and has improved the up-time due to lack of refractory brick. Other advantages are high quality shop built that are not conventional in terms of field fabrication with rapid deployment of 12 months or less for a single unit. Having a Modular plant design and step wise makes it a low-risk capital investment.

Even though it is said that time changes things, it is the duty of every individual to make efforts to help control these environmental issues in order to thrive since time waits for none. Timely actions will not only control the problems but also provide future generations a healthy and safe environment to flourish in.

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